[Newsen] 4minute Heo Gayoon flaunts youthful charms… reveals solo photoshoot

4minute Heo Gayoon has revealed her solo photoshoot.

The main vocalist of 4minute, Heo Gayoon has released a bright photoshoot that fits the spring season.

Rising as one of the best fashion icon, 4minute Heo Gayoon has participated in ‘The Star’ style photoshoot for May issue. Her opposite charms unlike her image during 4minute’s charismatic performances have caught attention.

This photoshoot was shot last month. Heo Gayoon, together with a cat had delivered an expressive laid-back spring season through the photoshoot.

It was not easy for Heo Gayoon, who preferred snakes as pet over furry animals during their first photoshoot. Even so, Heo Gayoon and the cat had gotten closer in the later part and started to strike a variety of poses and fashionable looks together, perfectly collaborated with her ‘partner’ for the shoot. In particular, Heo Gayoon had personally chosen props for her photoshoot as well.

In her revealed photoshoot, Heo Gayoon had emancipated a fashionable yet mature teenager look with her free and young spring-like image, as well as showing off her body line, proving that she has one of the best body in idol industry.

Meanwhile, her photoshoot can be viewed in the May issue of ‘The Star’ magazine.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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