[Aju News] Sexy Star Hyuna chosen as BBQ CF model

Chicken franchise brand BBQ has revealed on 30th April to have chosen sexy girl group 4minute’s Hyuna as their CF model.

Sexy star Hyuna that emancipates a young and healthy image will be appearing as a model in a youthful-themed CF. Acting with a male model, both of them will be a young couple frustrating over the type of chickens to choose from. The process of searching the right answer is expected to be an exciting one.

Shot in a club in HongDae, sexy star Hyuna’s glamorous performance and captivating dance can be expected and seen through the said CF.

According to a representative from Genesis BBQ Group, “We chose Hyuna as our BBQ CF model because she’s popular among our main customers, which are made up of teenagers ranging in their 20s~30s. Therefore, she would be able to attract their attention” and, “The process of solving young females’ frustration while choosing chicken will be one they can relate to, and also because it’s fun, we’re looking forward to it too”, he expressed.

Meanwhile, past advertisement models for BBQ include Cha TaeHyun, Baek YoonShik, BEAST, Shin SeKyung, Wonder Girls and more.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Aju News


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