[Newsen] 4minute faces blackout during MV shoot ‘Daebak sign?’

4minute has revealed a video where they faced electricity blackout.

Revealed on the 30th April, the video was called as the ‘4minute Daebak premonition video’ which contains happenings that occurred during ‘What’s Your Name’ MV shoot.

In the video, when the filming studio suddenly experienced a blackout, 4minute were seen shouting ‘Daebak’ in the total darkness, showing their positive attitude for the sudden occurrence.

The electric disruption happened when 4minute were about to shoot a group dance scene with their zombie dancers.  In the unexpected situation, Hyuna shouted “Daebak, Very Daebak” followed with Jiyoon’s loud scream and teasing look, causing audience to laugh. 4minute’s innocent bubbly image unlike their powerful charismatic presence on stage gained hot responses from fans.

Heo Gayoon continued, “We faced a blackout during ‘Hot Issue’ too. This is a Daebak sign” and indeed ‘What’s Your Name’ has achieved success. In reality, 4minute’s has become a hot topic with their comeback news, is currently charted #1 on four music sites.

Meanwhile, 4minute ‘What’s Your Name’ shows off girl groups’ power with its powerful and charismatic stages.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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