[OSEN] Yang Yoseob and Cube new girl group to reveal single.. ‘New Project’

[T/N: ‘Cube Girls’ is just a temporary name for Cube’s new rookie girl group]

Group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob will be collaborating with a  new rookie girl group which is to debut under Cube Entertainment.

The new project ‘Voice’ undertaken by Cube Entertainment focuses on the music. On the coming 30th, Yang Yoseob together with Cube Girls will be releasing new song ‘Perfume’. Just like the title states, ‘Perfume’ is a song that is as sweet as its fragrance.

The said track is a new project by Cube Entertainment in which the project will only release music source sang by their artists  in the future.

‘Perfume’ is a song participated by BEAST Yang Yoseob and Cube Girls that have been hiding under the veil. Yoseob from BEAST is recognized for his extraordinary singing skills.

Moreover, Cube Girls who are preparing for their debut will be showing their amazing singing and rapping skills.

‘Perfume’ stars out with a lyrical nylon guitar melody which will capture listeners’ ears. Also, it contains emotions from sweet lovers, just like the fragrance of lavender perfume.

Yang Yoseob and Cube Girls’ ‘Perfume’ music source will be released on the 30th 6PM on various online sites.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN , TV Daily


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