[OSEN] Music drama ‘MONSTAR’ first teaser release… BEAST Acoustic version

Mnet music drama ‘MONSTAR’s has released its first live band teaser video.

On the 28th, in the revealed teaser, a live band was seen performing to BEAST’s dance track ‘Beautiful Night’ acoustic version, giving out a fresh and sensational vibe to it.

Started with taps on a guitar, the energy level quickly rose with a live band that tags along in the song, fully expressing the concept of the drama  – healing through music.

In the teaser, Yong JunHyung and Ha YeonSu were seen playing for the song. The teaser starts in a quiet classroom, with ‘Tok Tok’ guitar taps and Ha YeonSu as the innocent but mysterious vocalist, overall, building up a dream-like atmosphere.

Followed with Yong JunHyung’s charismatic-filled and warm look while playing the instruments, and Ha YeonSu’s transformation have grabbed attention.

Lee DongHyun music producer who arranged and produced the acoustic version expressed, “We’ve used guitar and various music instruments to put on a live band, reinterpreting the already-perfect song of BEAST in acoustic version. We focused on a lively melody and the cooperation between actors helps to bring the song to life,” he stated.

Mnet’s Kang HeeJung team leader expressed,”I’m anticipating the drama because Kim WonSuk director’s ability to lead and because of the originality of the music drama. Together with beautiful video presentation, I think it will be interesting to see reinterpretations of some familiar and diverse music,” expressing his anticipation for the drama.

MONSTAR will be aired on the coming 17th May 12AM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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