[Kuki News] 4minute first week of comeback ‘Success’

4minute has glamorously made their first comeback week.

Returning to the music scene after a year of hiatus, 4minute’s newly released title track ‘What’s Your Name’ has rose to the number 1 spot on various music sites not long after its release on the 26th. Even till today 3PM (KST), the song still remains at #1 on Soribada, Olleh Music, Bugs and more while charting 3rd on Naver Music, Mnet, Monkey3 and 4th for Melon.

The ladies have also made headlines for appearing on the 27th April episode of SNL Korea, where they put on a 19+ gag act. 4minute has stripped off the normal girl group image. Leader JiHyun wore bra pads at her breast, flaunting her dramatic voluptuous body where else Jiyoon and Jay Park acted a steamy kiss scene on SNL. Maknae SoHyun even put on an act unlike her age and Gayoon showed off her cool looks.

The highlight of the show was none other than Hyuna. Hyuna wore a short dress, flaunting her sexiness and dramatic act while parodying for ‘A Muse’, while living up her famous sexiness in ‘패왕색’ corner.


4minute also made a parody of Crying Nut’s “Let’s ride the horse” with revised title “Shut Up’. In the music video, 4minute directly mentioned about disputes surrounding them in the lyrics, receiving loud cheers as they sing the song.

Although more girl groups as well as large-scale singers are about to make their comeback in May, for now, 4minute is currently the cornerstone of their own ‘trend’.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Kuki News


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