[News Compilation] ‘Entertainment Relay’ Doojoon and Kikwang are Tom and Jerry? Yoseob debuting as a boxer? Dongwoon says, “I feel younger”

Group BEAST Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojoon’s variety senses have led to laughter among audience.

On the 27th April broadcast of KBS2 ‘Entertainment Relay’, the producers have visited BEAST who are shooting for beverage advertisement prior to their comeback.

On this day, the reporter asked Kikwang, “Did you monitor Yoon Doojoon’s ‘IRIS2’?

Lee Kikwang answered directly “No”, and Yoon Doojoon followed after with “We don’t monitor among ourselves. We see each others’ bad side only”

Kikwang then continued, “Actually I’ve watched the drama, but Doojoon seems to be immortal”. Yoon Doojoon responded, “I almost died but still lives anyhow.” The teasing atmosphere among group members reminisces the audience of ‘Tom and Jerry’, which led to a sea of laughter.

Meanwhile, Son Dongwoon has gathered attention for claiming that he has “gotten younger” now.

When the reporter said, “Lately  there’s a survey which asks about male idols that look old” and Dongwoon replied, “Compared to our debut times, I think I’ve grown younger.”

Also, Yang Yoseob chose Kikwang as the member that laughs the best, “Lee Kikwang’s laugh is the best” and then chose himself after him.

On this day, Yang Yoseob also revealed that he’s keen on boxing, “I’ve boxed for around 2 months, and it’s really fun.” Reporter then asks if he would want to debut as an athlete like Lee ShiYoung, and Yoseob replied, “I want to do so”, seriously.

Yang Yoseob continued, “I was losing weight trying to go for Life Sports Competition that’s holding on May 4th but my efforts were in vain. So I want to challenge again in August”, revealing his plans.

Towards the end, BEAST expressed, “If the weather turns hot, a sad love song will come out” followed with laughter while showing their anticipation for BEAST’s next album which is reported to be in May.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today, OSEN, Newsen


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