[OSEN] 4minute reveals comeback thoughts, “Seemed to have found our original colors”

Girl group 4minute has expressed their comeback thoughts after a year of hiatus.

After ending the pre-recordings for ‘Music Bank’, 4minute spoke with OSEN, “The reality that we’re here (Music Bank) still haven’t hit us yet. We did our pre-recordings but even so, we seemed to be unfamiliar with the cameras,” expressing their honest thoughts.

When asked about their comeback title track ‘What’s Your Name’, they replied, “It’s a song that makes you think of ‘Hot Issue’. It’s like we’ve found back our colors. Everyone did it happily and excitingly”, revealing their satisfaction for the song and the performance stage.

Prior to the release, global trend ‘Zombie’ was announced to be the concept for the MV. Regarding this, “Many would think that it’s strange, but they are  not the scary zombies we always know, but colorful zombies instead, which we think, had given a different MV shoot”, they revealed.

4minute’s song and MV rose fast as a hot topic after its release, becoming one of the most popular topics in a short period of time. Also, ‘What’s Your Name’ has charted #1 on five different music sites within 4 hours after its release.

Prior to this comeback, Hyuna was promoting as a global sexy icon, Jeon Jiyoon-Heo Gayoon formed 2YOON and presented a unique country genre song. Meanwhile, Nam JiHyun and Kwon SoHyun were busy for personal activities such as variety shows and drama. Finally after a year, they have reunited as a team again to show 4minute’s distinctive style.

Meanwhile, 4minute has released their 4th mini album ‘Name is 4minute’ as well as the MV at 12PM today.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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