[OSEN] 4minute dances with the zombies.. ‘Fresh + Exceptional’

Girl group 4minute has returned, together with a cheerful video. The expression ‘Glamorous comeback’ is accurately used for this comeback, as they’ve utilized unique accessories that emancipates a funky vibe.

4minute has released their 4th mini album ‘Name is 4minute’ on the 26th afternoon, finally making a 5-members comeback after a year of hiatus. Together with hit maker ‘Brave Brothers’, they have produced title track ‘What’s Your Name’, an electronic hip hop dance song that reminisces of 4minute’s usual hit songs such as ‘Hot Issue’ and ‘Muzik’. It was announced by the company that it has a fresh new ‘fantasy hip hop’ genre.

Although they have slightly hinted that ‘What’s Your Name’ MV will be infested with zombies, but the zombies appeared gave out a fresher feel that it was supposed to.

The movie ‘Warm Bodies’ that talks about love between a handsome zombie and mortal girl has hit theaters lately whereas blockbuster movie ‘World-Z’ which is about to air soon in June has led to a rising ‘zombie’ trend. Not only domestically, even in overseas, friendly(?) Hallyu girl groups are using appropriate elements of the zombies concept to produce MV.

4minute members asked names, age and telephone number in the MV, showing their lovable charms. The point of the MV starts when 4minute were seen in a chaos as zombies started to flood in. As soon as vocalist Heo Gayoon sings, ‘Open the door and come in handsomely’, zombies broke into their house, bringing laughter to those set eyes on the MV.

Although the MV included those standard zombies’ breathing sound, members’ screams, as well as noises, them in colorful funky outfits are indeed fresh and different from the usual zombies.

At the later part, 4minute danced along to ‘What’s Your Name’ with the zombies, successfully becoming the highlight of the music video. The members danced together with the zombies has further contributed perfection to the overall music video. Also, zombies’ head appearing on the wall is one that gives the strongest impression.

Meanwhile, 4minute has released their mini album ‘Name is 4minute’ and will start their promotion with KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ stage.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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