[Asia KyungJae] 4minute achieves All-Kill on charts, “Acknowledged for unique charms”

Group 4minute has revealed their thoughts for taking over charts of various music sites.

4minute’s Jeon JiYoon spoke to Asia KyungJae on the 26th, “When we first heard that ‘What’s Your Name’ has charted #1, we were  panicking” and, “I think everyone have acknowledge our strong and unique charms, so we’re very happy about it,” she revealed.

She continued, “We’re excited as well as nervous for our comeback after a year of hiatus. We’re really thankful seeing such reactions” and, “In the future too, we will do our best to meet everyone’s anticipation,” not forgetting a pledge.

4minute has released their new song ‘What’s Your Name?’ this afternoon and has taken over the #1 spot on various music charts which includes Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Mnet, Olleh while staying on top spots on other sites. Despite a year of hiatus, the girls still manage to prove their popularity.

Such result was expected. Previously 4minute’s music video as well as jacket teaser took the top spots on various portal sites where anticipation keeps on building.

4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name?’ portrays strong and colorful girls hip hop. Started with question asking ‘What’s Your Name?’, its lyrics which express a female’s bold and sexiness have caught attention.

Meanwhile, 4minute will be holding a special comeback stage to greet fans later on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ today.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia Kyungjae

Additional Info Credits: 4minuteCharts


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