[Newsen] SNL Korea, 4minute presents 19+ comedy in uniforms.. “Please Anticipate”

4minute has expressed their confidence for the upcoming rated comedy and requested that everyone to ‘anticipate the 19+ comedy as much as their performance stage’ on the 25th.

4minute will be appearing as hosts on the 27th April broadcast of ‘SNL Korea’. It is reported that they are currently preparing diligently for the 19+ comedy just like how they would perform strongly and sexily for a performance.


Anticipation flies high as 4minute’s Hyuna has always shown her innocent yet sexy charms in songs such as ‘Trouble Maker’, ‘Bubble Pop’, ‘Ice-Cream’ and more. With ‘SNL Korea”s unique rated sexy and harmless humor comedy, as well as 4minute’s self-parodies and self-disses, it is expected that the coming Saturday night will be a  pretty hot one.

The production representative continued, “Despite 4minute’s busy schedule for their comeback, their passion to come (to SNL Korea) the day after their comeback date is really amazing. They have also actively participated in ideas for the comedy, such as wearing uniforms and so,” he expressed.

Followed with, “In particular, Hyuna is a fan who has watched almost every episodes of ‘SNL Korea’. Seeing how they have prepared passionately more than any other hosts so far, it is worth the anticipation for their revised live comedy show,” he revealed.

The episode will be aired on the coming 27th April 11PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN + Newsen


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