[Newsen] 4minute Hyuna and Gayoon reveal ‘look-alike’ twin photoshoot

4minute’s Hyuna and Gayoon have revealed their photoshoot as twins.

In the May issue of InStyle, 4minute Hyuna and Gayoon has revealed a twin sisters-liked photoshoot.

The two 4minute members have took on the muse look that was famous in the 1960s, showing off a different vibe than their usual strong performance image as they presented a sweet, cute and cheerful teenager’s charm.

Towards this comeback, Hyuna and Heo Gayoon expressed, “We are  preparing for the album and each members gave their  own hair, makeup and even outfit ideas. We are currently practicing more than 6 hours every day”, revealing a little behind-the-scenes for their upcoming comeback.

Meanwhile, 4minute’s Hyuna and Heo Gayoon twin photoshoot as well as their interview will be included in the May issue of ‘InStyle’

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen, StarNews


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