[OSEN] 4minute to attend Cho YongPil’s Showcase.. ‘Beautiful Senior-Junior Relationship’

Girl group 4minute will be attending Cho YongPil’s showcase on the 23rd.

Cho YongPil’s premier showcase ‘Hello!’ will be held on the 23rd April 8PM. 4minute will be attending the event and will meet Cho YongPil himself if the time allows them to do so.

When Cho YongPil’s ‘Bounce’ was newly released on the 16th, 4minute has shown great attention for it, and has therefore became a hot topic. Member Jeon JiYoon recommended ‘Bounce’ and showed her respect to senior Cho YongPil. Thanks to Jeon Jiyoon’s recommendation, it seems that 4minute will be having a great time together at his showcase.

A representative expressed to OSEN on the 23rd, “They are busily preparing for the comeback, but the members were excited whenever thoughts about them attending a legendary senior’s performance stage appears”, he revealed.

On this day, the showcase will include a media press conference and congratulatory performances stages from junior singers. Kim JaeDong will be the emcee, Ja WooRim, Park JungHyun, Guckkasten, Phantom, IDIOTAPE and many more will be performing as to congratulate Cho YongPil’s 10 years since his last release of album. This showcase will be broadcast live through the internet.

Meanwhile, 4minute will be making a comeback on the 26th with latest song ‘What’s Your Name?’


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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