[OSEN] 4minute Jeon JiYoon reveals ‘What’s Your Name?’ teaser

Set to comeback on the 26th, 4minute’s Jeon Jiyoon has released yet another teaser on the 23rd.

On today’s revealed ‘What’s Your Name’ teaser, Jiyoon has successfully shown her tough and charismatic charms.

Fans went ‘Indeed Jeon JiYoon!’ with her powerful fearless and charismatic image. The teaser seems to has fulfilled Jiyoon’s tough and boyish image in which she stayed true with ever since 4minute’s debut.

In the teaser, Jeon JiYoon’s dramatic expression has attracted attention. At the same time, her glamorous patterned outfit and unique hair scarf further became the highlight of the video. With her unique hair accessories, fans are able to feel the hip hop-ness from Jeon JiYoon’s teaser.

Jeon JiYoon’s teaser was actually scheduled to be released on the 23rd afternoon. But because her teaser was leaked on 22nd night through an overseas site, the company had decided to released at 12AM of 23rd April.

The agency managed to identify the area of leakage and had took down videos from unofficial overseas video sites after the release of the official teaser.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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