[YahooTW News] 4minute and BEAST successfully held Joint Concert in Taiwan

4minute together with BEAST held a joint concert yesterday (20th April). ‘PSY Girl’ Hyuna put on a sexy performance and expressed, “It has been awhile since we last came to Taiwan. We’re very happy to stand on such a large venue!”

4minute and BEAST reached Taiwan on the afternoon, attracting fans of around 150 and 300 respectively at the Taoyuan Airport. Both groups started their show on that evening 7PM. 4minute started the show with sexy ‘Volume Up’ and ‘HUH’. Fans sang along with them. However, they wore conservative clothes, therefore there isn’t much exposure.

Hyuna was furthered teased for dancing the wrong steps. During an interview, maknae SoHyun revealed that Hyuna is usually the member that dances the wrong steps. Hyuna laughed shyly, “I’m sorry!” and also flaunted her Mandarin skills, “Please support us, everyone.” As soon as 4minute’s performance ended, BEAST took over with ‘It’s a Beautiful Night’, followed with ‘Fiction’, ‘Beautiful’ and other hit songs.

However, many fans were slightly disappointed as Hyuna and Hyunseung did not perform ‘Trouble Maker’ together. 4minute and BEAST sang a total of 18 songs, leading to screams and shouts of 5 000 fans.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: YahooTW news


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