[TV Daily] ‘Gag Con’ Kim JunHo surprise confession, “Actually I like Hyuna”

김준호 깜짝 고백

Gagman Kim JunHo made a sudden express of likes to Hyuna.

On the 21st April broadcast of KBS2 ‘Gag Concert’ of ‘Ani-mwol’ corner, Park SungHo and Kim JunHo staged a fierce rivalry for Miss A’s Suzy.

Followed last episode of Park SungHo requesting her to choose between him and Kim JunHo in a ‘Cute Battle’, Suzy brought to Twitter later that day, “There isn’t any changes (to my choice),” causing laughter among the crowd.

On today’s episode, Kim JunHo commented, “I’m angry. Because of you, I’ve prepared a photo too…” and, “But, do you want to know a secret of mine? Actually, I like Hyuna,” making a sudden confession.

As soon as Kim JunHo revealed Hyuna’s photo that was hidden behind Suzy’s, Park SungHo insisted that “Suzy is prettier’ and the two fought for Suzy and Hyuna, causing laughter among the audience.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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