[Sports Seoul] 4minute SoHyun reveals ‘What’s Your Name’ teaser

Girl group 4minute has revealed yet another teaser for their title track ‘What’s Your Name?’/

In midst of Cube Entertainment’s effort to show 4minute’s 5 individual member’s charms, maknae Kwon SoHyun has taken the spotlight as her teaser was released through official SNSes this morning.

In the revealed teaser, Kwon SoHyun gives out a young 20-years-old charm, which differs from Hyuna and Heo Gayoon’s sexy and charismatic charms, further raising anticipation for their upcoming comeback. In particular, Kwon SoHyun’s cute maknae-like image has gained popularity among uncle fans.

With her cute hairstyle, Kwon SoHyun wore glamorous accessories such as a large diamond necklace, showing off her fashion sense in the teaser. Smiling brightly, her cute and young image has given a different vibe than her previous sexy image.

Also in this teaser video, 4minute’s powerful charisma can be felt with their ‘Girls Hip Hop’ dance movements.

Meanwhile, 4minute will be releasing their title track ‘What’s Your Name’ on the coming 26th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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