[leesmusic] ‘Name is 4minute’ Album Description

Charismatic sexy girl group’s trademark 4minute is coming back with their 4th mini album ‘Name is 4minute’. It’s a year after their release of ‘Volume Up’ last year. They who have maintained their position in the music industry, will be showing an upgraded look, producing a 2013 work worthy of anticipation.

For 4minute’s latest title track ‘What’s Your Name?’, they have worked together with greatest producer Brave Brothers. 4minute’s comeback song ‘What’s Your Name?’ has a new hip hop style where it uses unique sounds and has a fast-paced and rhythm-packed melody. Together with its interesting lyrics, it will definitely capture ears and will not let one forget at the very first listen.

Other than their title track, this mini album also includes other powerful songs. The intro for the album, ‘What’s my name?’ has a strong rock sound. Followed with a unique track ‘Whatever’, ambitious song ‘Gimme that’ that asks a man to show his manly side for love and ‘Domino’ that has a strong hip hop and blues genre, together with a powerful rocking melody. The tracklist of this mini album shows an increased and upgraded 4minute and at the same time satisfying all ‘4minutism’ of 4minute.

The best trend icon, 4minute will soon to kick off promotions for their new album ‘Name is 4minute’. 2013 is where they will be screaming ‘4minute time’.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: leesmusic


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