[BEAST Cafe] (Yoseob) Spring spring spring spring spring is here

Forsythia and white Cherry Blossoms have bloomed!

Lately I heard that many went to flower festivals around the area

I’m jealous..

Everyone do go for flower viewings!

It’s  healing isn’t it!!?

I think it heals as much as Kikwang’s smile kekekekekekekeke

Though I feel a little sorry for eventhoughyou’reagreenbongbongbicyclebutcan’tyoupleasenotfoldup..

I have a new friend.

Which is, which is, I’ve bought a new electric bicycle

When there’s a chance, I’ll show you all soon.

Its name is Altong Man number 28.. kekeke

I’ll ride it later at HangGang!!

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Japan!!

Since I’m going there alone, I’m quite afraid

Since I have to do well.. I feel burdened

I fear that I might forget  all those Japanese words I’ve memorized, so I’m holding it everyday.. keke

So as to not bring any harm to our BEAST

With a grateful heart, I will do my very best!

I will eat well and come back well, so don’t worry too much!!

Still, the weather is quite cold. Be careful of a cold, be careful of yellow dust storm, be careful of people, be careful of cars, be careful of dogs

You know that right?????

Then, Bye bye


How to use that??

I’ve uploaded only pictures there, but I hope to show to everyone!!

I dislike twitter, and the process to upload a picture on the official cafe is long..

I’ve signed up first, but how to use this??

Because I’m an idiot when it comes to apps..☆★

Anyways, my ID is yysbeast

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BEAST Cafe


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