[OSEN] 4minute’s Heo Gayoon flaunts ‘Nano Body’ in ‘What’s Your Name’ Teaser

4minute Heo Gayoon’s teaser for ‘What’s Your Name’ was released on the 21st, prior to their official comeback on the coming 26th April.

With her partially-dyed bangs, Heo Gayoon showed off her unique hairstyle as well as her distinctive fashion.

In particular, her short top that highlights her ant-waist has induced jealousy among females. Heo Gayoon with her famous ‘nano body’ further flaunts off her amazing body line.

4minute’s sexy and unique fashion concept are reported to be mostly ideas from Heo Gayoon, followed after her participation in 2YOON’s concept. Prior to her activities, Heo Gayoon went visiting abroad and diligently exchanged ideas with local designers regarding their outfits. The accessories and fashionable items shown in the teaser video are the results of her efforts made.

‘What’s Your Name’ will be revealed on the coming 26th together with their mini album.

Meanwhile, a day ago, Hyuna’s teaser for ‘What’s Your Name’ has obtained 700,000 clicks within a day and became a hot topic.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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