[OSEN] G.NA transforms into a sexy trainer

Soloist G.NA has garnered attention for showing off her hip wave movement.

Recently, G.NA appeared as a trainer on ‘웃찾사 – 개투제라블 corner’. During the show, G.NA demonstrated sexy wave hip movements as male audiences flutter.

Since her debut in 2010, G.NA has been receiving attention for having a glamorous body and was named as a singer cum sexy icon. G.NA released ‘Beautiful Kisses’ last month, receiving attention for her title track, ‘Oops!’.

Although having much experience over a vast type of variety, since it was her first musical act during the recording of ‘웃찾사’, G.NA practiced over and over as well as showing a nervous look that she wasn’t able to hide. That being said, G.NA stood bravely on stage in tight training wear and presented her unique sense of humor, receiving applause from the audience.

This episode will be broadcast on the 21st April 10.45AM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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