[OSEN] 4minute emancipates strong charisma through photoshoot

Girl group 4minute have emitted their strong charisma through a magazine photoshoot.

In the revealed photoshoot, 4minute were seen in black and white outfits, making an elegant yet sexy transformation, as well as showing off their superior feminism through a variety of fashion. They have further added a chic vibe to the photoshoot with dazing eyes and colorful facial expression.

Also, 4minute’s group photoshoot brought together a classy atmosphere as they further highlights their mature femininity with their make up. In their individual photoshoot, they’ve brought out each and every members’ personality through an Avant-grande fashion which shows off their mysteriousness.

In an interview, 4minute revealed about their upcoming mini album, “‘We produced the album thinking about the popularity of ‘Hot Issue’ and performance-oriented  side of ‘Muzik’.” Member Kwon SoHyun continued, “When I first listened the title track from our new album, I think that it’s good”, expressing her anticipation for the title track.

When asked about reuniting as a team after each member’s personal activity, Hyuna expressed, “There are lots of times where the members are supporting me by my side. When I was having my solo promotions, they looked after me and cheered for me. Thinking of standing on stage with all five of us, my heart feels comfortable and reassured,” showing her affection for the members.

Meanwhile, 4minute will be making a comeback on the 25th with a new album.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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