[Newsen] 4minute to comeback as Sexy Female Warriors + Fantasy Concept

4minute will be making their comeback after a year of hiatus.

On April 17th afternoon, Cube Entertainment has expressed that they will be releasing 4minute’s 4th mini album on the 25th.

At the same time, teaser pictures of the girls were released. 4minute who are known for their strong charismatic stage will be pertaining their very own colors with an additional new fantasy elements. Hence, their fashion and style shown for this comeback have raised expectations.

Starting from Jeon Jiyoon who captures attention with  her unique fashion reminiscent of haute couture, Kwon SoHyun who emancipates her cuteness yet mature charms have once again reinstated 4minute’s strong concept for their new album.

In the teaser images too, Hyuna had eyes expression that gives out an aura, JiHyun with her two-toned hairstyle and blue mystery eyes and Heo Gayoon who has presented a stylish fluorescent eyebrows. Overall, their teaser pictures have translated each and every personality of 4minute as well as beautifully presenting a future concept.

4minute will be releasing their 4th mini album on the coming 25th, a year after their last comeback with ‘Volume Up’ in April.  Popular domestically and abroad as a group of ‘sexy charismatic female warriors’, 4minute will be presenting a mature side of their existing strong and charismatic-filled concept and will make their comeback on the 25th April.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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