[My Daily] Kim JaeJoong roots for JunHyung at ‘MONSTAR’ filming set

Idol group JYJ Kim JaeJoong has shown his friendship with BEAST’s Yong JunHyung.

On the last 16th, Kim JaeJoong bought chicken and pizza for 100 the production crew of Mnet music drama ‘MONSTAR’ as present. The support was derived from his friendship with Yong JunHyung who takes on the lead role in the drama. Kim Jaejoong, as a senior in acting, treated supper to the staffs to show support to junior Yong JunHyung.

On the 17th, Yong JunHyung posted on his twitter, “Yesterday Jaejoong-hyung who have bought chicken and pizza generously at the filming set is a secret! Everyone are busily eating chicken and pizza happily…”, expressing his grateful heart.

A representative from ‘MONSTAR’ production crew expressed, “We had filming throughout that night, but the supper delivery gave us the strength, so we could forget about our tiredness”.

MONSTAR will broadcast its first episode on May 17th 12AM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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