[TV Daily] G.NA expresses thoughts on concluding promotions, “I felt brighter”

티브이데일리 포토

Soloist G.NA has revealed her thoughts on concluding promotions with ‘Oops!’.

Meeting up with TV Daily on a broadcast program recently, G.NA expressed, “This promotion has a different vibe from previous promotions” and, “I feel that I’ve became even brighter”

G.NA continued, “There were many instances where I’m regretful of, but I’m even more excited and having high anticipation for my next album”, and “I’m having thoughts of preparing for my next album already”, as she responded with a cheerful smile.

Towards BTOB member Jung IlHoon’s help, G.NA expressed, “I promoted with IlHoonie, so I felt that it’s even more interesting” and, “It felt like when (Yong) JunHyungie gave me his strength and for this time round, I’ve gained positive energy from IlHoonie”, as she talks with a grateful heart.

She further said, “I think his stamina is indeed good because of his young age” and, “Even when he sleeps because he’s tired, whenever he gets on stage, he would smile very brightly. I think I’ve seen a lot of that, so I have learnt something too”, praising her junior.

Meanwhile, G.NA has concluded her last stage on MBC ‘Show Champion’ on the 13th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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