[BTOB Cafe] (Peniel) it’s been a while~ 오랫만이에요~

whoa…it’s been a reaaaallllyyy long time since i’ve written in  the “from btob” section lol 😛 how’s everyone been? a lot has happened… hm… well FunFun Radio ended for Sungjae and me ): i became Pops in Seoul’s VJ! and uh… of course.. WE CAME BACK! woo~~ how do you guys like the song??? what about the performance? hope you guys like both >_< oh yeah we also had our fan meeting today, which was pretty awesome. would’ve been better if the weather was more nice but.. whatever~ got to see a bunch of melodies! it was cold wasn’t it? make sure you guys don’t catch a cold! and please..don’t make me do cute stuff again like at today’s fan meeting T_T lol anyways… idk what else to write…. please continue to show us love and support! Thank you for everything Melodies! (:


와… “from btob”에 글쓴지… 엄청 오래된것같아요.. ㅋㅋㅋ 다들 잘 지냈죠??? 흠… 뭐라고 써야되지??…아 저랑 성재 이제 펀펀 안해요~ 이번주가 마지막이었어요 ㅠㅠ 그리고… 아! 나 Pops in Seoul VJ됐어요!! 많이 봐주세요!…영어로하지만 ㅎㅎ >< 그리고… 우리 컴백했어요! yay~~~ 노래 어때요? 무대는요?? 둘다 좋았으면 좋겠다 >< 아!! 그리고 오늘 팬미팅!!!! 재미있었어요~ ㅋㅋ 나만 재미있었나? 날씨가 좀 더 따뜻했으면 좋았을텐데.. 아쉽다! ㅎㅎ 감기 걸리지마요! 아..그리고…이제 귀여운거.. 제발.. 시키지마세요 ㅠㅠㅠ ㅋㅋㅋ 아무튼….이제 뭐써야되는지 모르겠어요… 더많은 사랑과 응원부탁할게요!! 멜로디 짱! 고마워요!!

Source: BTOB Cafe


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