[BTOB Cafe] (Eunkwang) The Best

April 14th Sunday !! Was really the best!!

Why is it~~~~~~?

First time since debut !! Because our Melodys filled up most of the audience during our broadcast recordings!!!

Haa… Really, my mood’s really good… hehe … I had fun and felt happy throughout the stage.. ㅠㅠ


Furthermore, we held our fanmeeting and high touch after the broadcast, and I really love it keke kya kya @.@

As time passes, BTOB and Melodies too are growing together, so it feels good ~~~ ^^

Let’s Hwaiting together kekeke Bbasya!!!!!!

What’s with the way I’m speaking.. kekeke I’ve got it from Peniel kekeke


Melody Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BTOB Cafe



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