[Newsen] G.NA shed tears as she reveals past family history

Soloist G.NA has revealed her mother, Yoon TaeSeon for the first time on broadcast.

On the 14th April broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia’, G.NA and her mother appeared on set, which has attracted attention.

G.NA introduced her mother as a nation-representative swimmer as well as a mother in her early 50s.

The both of them flaunted their good looks, amazing everyone on set.

Meeting her daughter after 6 months, G.NA’s mother expressed, “It seems like G.NA has gained some weight all these while”, she revealed, frustrating everyone on set. Even MC Park MiSeon commented, “A mother with improper remarks,” causing laughter on set.

Towards the question, “Did you manage her body when she (G.NA) was younger?”, G.NA’s mother honestly answered, “I was always nagging her about it, for example, you have to tuck in your tummy when you stand or you must walk with poise”, shocking everyone on set. G.NA followed after with “It was Sparta style”.

G.NA’s mother revealed that they weren’t able to stay together when G.NA was younger. She said, “When she was 6 years old, G.NA’s dad passed away, and it was her grandmother and aunt that took care of her,” she revealed. G.NA continued, “I have a younger sister, but after dad has left us, we lived apart”.

G.NA’s mother expressed her regrets, “We’ve spent 6 years together. But as an elder daughter, she took on responsibility by herself”. G.NA followed with, “I always ask myself what are my dreams and I would answer, to get married and have a lot of children. I want to live with a family soon”, expressing her wishes.

G.NA’s mother then reveals a handwritten letter  by G.NA before she debuted as a singer. In broken Korean, MC Park MiSeon read the letter, “I will definitely be successful, and then help our family and you too”, while G.NA couldn’t hide her tears and cried.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen (1) (2) (3) 


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