[G.NA Cafe] I love you!♥

Hello! It’s me G.NA!~~ keke Wow my promotions have already ended… ㅠ ㅠ Ended today’s Music Core and now on my way home. And I’m writing this letter tiredly~ It seems that I thought a lot about this promotions, that this promotion is really different than other promotions… I’m really thankful and really really love you all, you know that right?? During this five weeks, even if there’s only one G.NI on the recording set, I gained a lot of strength~~!! My Ener-Gi… Oops! Promotion has ended like this.. but even then it’s not the end here… kekekeke In the future too, you’ll be seeing me here and there too… so please look after me! kekeke With a cooler song.. better song… Everyone will definitely be surprised keke I’m working on a new song again… We should be able to run together again in a short time!!! Oops! Thank you very much for your love…IlHoonie whom I’m really grateful to, and Jung IlHoon is promoting again as BTOB.. Our BTOB too, please give much love and support! keke Cube Family Hwaiting!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh!!! Also, lately I’ve heard that I’ve debuted for 1000 days already!!! Wow Wow!! Time passes really fast right?? ㅠㅠ keke 1000 days. Thank you very much for becoming my strength for such a long period!!! In the future too, I hope you give more love! ♥ Until it’s 10000000 days anniversary~♡♥♥

We will see each other soon? ke Hwaiting!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: G.NA Cafe


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