[Xports News] BEAST-A Pink reveal Skoolooks photoshoot, ‘Friendly Atmosphere’

Idol group BEAST and A Pink cooperate to bring a friendly family-like atmosphere.

Models for school wear brand ‘Skoolooks’, BEAST and A Pink have come together in the latest release of 2013 Summer uniform still cuts. It was reported that BEAST and A Pink interacted friendly, creating a warm atmosphere among each other.

In particular, in a ‘Skoolooks’ interview, when asked which member (of the opposing group) they are close with, BEAST’s Son Dongwoon revealed, “I’m really close with Chorong-yang”, and A Pink member Park Chorong immediately replied, “Although  Dongwoon-sunbaenim and I are of the same age, he’s really formal,” causing other members to laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Kikwang revealed, “I’m close with A Pink’s Hong YooKyung. Whenever we meet each other on the shooting set, we would say exactly two sentences”, he added, causing laughter to the set.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News


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