[TV Daily] G.NA Talks Openly about her Mother on broadcast.. Confesses growing up hardship


Soloist G.NA has openly revealed the background of her mother on broadcast for the very first time.

G.NA’s mother turned out to be a former national swimmer, taking care of a daughter in her 20 years old, as well as unbelievably the owner to a perfect S-line body.

Recently, during the recording for KBS2 ‘Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia’, G.NA expressed that she faced dreadful experience during her younger days because of her mother’s body management.

G.NA also revealed another story during her growing process.

As G.NA who has always put on a cheerful look talked about her sobbing story caused by her mother, MC Park MiSeon expressed, “I thought G.NA-ssi is a cheerful happy singer, but listening to her personal story really made me discovered something new” as she shed tears as well.

This episode will be broadcast on coming 14th.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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