[BEAST Cafe] (Yoseob) Morning letter after a long while

Although I don’t know how the outside weather would be..

I hope you have a refreshing day!!

Yesterday, I’ve read some good words on internet, and slept well.

“If you hate to regret, then don’t live that way; if you live that way, don’t regret then.”

There’s this post.

How is it, everyone??

For the whole day today, think about it and let’s live that way.

Are we living by only working too much..

Are we living by only studying..

Thing back about it,

We were born not because we want to work… or to study, right..

Of course, we do have to work our responsibility earnestly.

But most of us still worries about the future that has yet to come

But everyday we seemed to be trapped with that thought.. (… forget it if it’s not)

We have to start those work we have to do, those studies we have to study.

Don’t worry beforehand of what we’ll be doing tomorrow.

It’s tomorrow’s matter

Do tomorrow’s matter tomorrow.


What is that that you really want, please listen to those screams inside your heart.

I hope today you’ll hang out with people with a healthy thought, and spend a colorful day today!!

Everyone Hwaiting!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BEAST Cafe


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