[StarIn] BTOB, Cheered by 1000 fans in Taiwan Fan Meeting

Group BTOB has successfully concluded their first fan meeting in Taiwan.

On April 6th, BTOB performed for fan meeting titled, ‘BTOB PressPlay in Taiwan’, allowing the members to spend 2 hours with 1000 fans.

BTOB who has made their first visit to Taiwan, had their popularity felt the moment they arrived at the airport on the 5th. The arrival hall was filled with fans welcoming them, causing a paralysis at the airport.

BTOB started the show with their title track ‘WOW’, followed with ballads and dance songs, presenting an unlike-rookie skills with each and every performance stages. BTOB performed ‘Insane’, ‘Irresistible Lips’ and other powerful dance songs, not forgetting their vocals ability in ‘My Girl’ that amazingly serenade fans. As a present to Taiwan fans, they’ve even sang Jay Chow’s ‘Rainbow’, and received loud cheers from fans. They even sang accordingly to every songs, supporting BTOB on stage.

Leader Eunkwang couldn’t hide his happiness, “This feeling is indescribable. It’s a moment I can’t forget” and, “We felt the love since earlier at the airport and we’re grateful for this”.

BTOB will be releasing a new digital single, titled ‘Second Confession’ on the coming 10th and will be promoting for that track.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Starin


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