[Apple Daily] Lee Kikwang attended Taiwan Press Con and made Spring Rolls

Korean beastly group ‘BEAST’ member Lee Kikwang came alone to Taiwan to promote for BEAST and 4minute’s Joint Concert which falls on the coming 20th. During the press conference, he made ‘Kikwang style’ spring roll. As he folds, he cried ‘Hungry!’ out loud, followed with a messed-up frying session of chicken cubes and crushed peanuts. Not brave enough to eat it himself, he gave it to a female reporter for a taste of his spring roll.

Their concert tickets are 70% sold out. Lee Kikwang came solo to Taiwan yesterday in order to promote the remaining 30%, attracting fans of 200 to welcome him at TaoYuan Airport. Being his fourth time visiting BaoDao, he expressed, “This is my first time alone here, it’s lonely.”

Yesterday was QingMing Festival, also known as Cold Food Festival, where eating spring rolls is a part of the custom. Kikwang who heard of fried spring roll only, tried his first challenge at spring rolls. He generously placed a lot of chicken meat, vegetables and crushed peanuts. As he finished wrapping, he satisfyingly said in Chinese, “It’s really delicious” and gave his ‘Special Fried Chicken Spring Roll’ to the innocent reporter.

Last year during the Taipei concert, Lee Kikwang flaunted his well-built abs. Yesterday, he fulfilled his responsibility to promote the upcoming joint concert by saying, “I’m currently training for the tour, if you want to see some eye candy, do remember to come to the concert”.

Tickets can be purchased through www.ticket.com.tw

[T/N: For some who may confuse between Spring Roll and Fried Spring Roll, Spring Roll is wrapped with a thin layer of skin whereas Fried Spring Roll is, well, fried and has a thicker layer]

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Apple Daily 



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