[JKN Stars] Yong JunHyung – C-Clown ‘It was like that then’ second meeting, “A match well made”

C-Clown and ALi’s collaboration track ‘It was like that then’ is gaining attention as BEAST’s Yong JunHyung personally participated in the song production.

‘It was like that then’ is made with a combined effort of Yong JunHyung and Kim TaeJoo’s work. In particular, this isn’t the first time both of them work together. Previously, C-Clown’s track ‘COLD’ in their second mini album (released in November) was also a collaboration between the two. Yong JunHyung garnered attention for writing a song for another male idol group and even made it up as top searched key words on portal sites.

‘It was like that then’ has an overall different feel than the usual ‘Yong JunHyung’s style’. So far, his composed songs has a strong style that consists of mainly electronic sounds. In this song, however, it has a medium tempo and a soothing melody as its main point, emancipating a warm vibe.

Netizens who listened to the song commented, “Yong JunHyung and C-Clown’s laid-back style, I like it!”, “It’s the second time after COLD. Yong JunHyung and C-Clown match well”, “Yong JunHyung and Kim TaeJoo made the song well, ALi and C-Clown sang the song well!! The best combination!”, and various more reponses.

ALi and C-Clown’s agency commented, “Even though C-Clown’s ‘COLD’ during their second mini album wasn’t the title track, the responses were good” and, “Yong JunHyung-Kim TaeJoo combination and C-Clown seems to complement each other well. In this song, ALi also presented her branded vocals, providing enhanced synergy in ‘It was like that then'”

After its release on April 2nd afternoon, ‘It was like that then’ made its way up to top 10 spots on various music sites.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: JKNStars.com



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