[Star Today] 4minute “Return to initial music”, All in for new album recordings

4minute will be returning to their first debut sound.

Cube Entertainment expressed on the 29th, “4minute are currently working on a new album” and “In this album, 4minute will be going back to their first groove and powerful sound during their debut days as their concept,” they revealed.

4minute debuted with ‘Hot Issue’, followed by ‘Muzik’ and many other strong and addictive electronic sound that has received much love from fans. In this album, they will be presenting a sound that they themselves are most confident at.

The representative continued, “The members participated all out for the song’s growth, choreograph, styling and more”. Also, “The album also contains the members’ ideas and their preferences for music. They will show their initial concept and an upgraded stage for this comeback”, he added. The album this time round also includes members’ self-composed songs as well.

Since their promotions for April’s ‘Volume Up’, they promoted with 2YOON as well as going for overseas promotion. 4minute’s new album will be revealed on the coming May~ June.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today


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