[TV Report] BEAST Lee Kikwang’s fans, Donated 3445 clothes

BEAST Lee Kikwang’s fans have shown their love for the star.

According to a private non-profit organization ‘Otcan’, Lee Kikwang’s fansite ‘Meet the universe’ have donated a total of 3445 clothes. The event was done in commemoration for Lee Kikwang’s birthday which falls on the coming 30th.

A representative from ‘Otcan’ commented, “Lee Kikwang-ssi’s fans have donated clothes as a token for his birthday, but we never expect that there will be this many people participating” and, “We hope that such events will continue so that many would take attention on our efforts”.

Meanwhile, Lee Kikwang’s fans have donated rice wreath totaling up to 1.77 tons during ‘United Cube Concert’ on the 2nd February.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Report



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