[My Daily] G.NA, Donates to Nepal children, “A role model for teenagers”

Soloist G.NA has expressed her sweet love to children in Nepal.

On the 20th, according to Cube Entertainment, G.NA has donated to School of Hope Project in marginalized area of Nepal, officially participating in the project as a mentor.

Cube Entertainment expressed, “G.NA spent her younger times in Canada. And even then, she has a keen interest in serving the community. She felt the need to create a warmer society, so she decided to participate in the construction of the new school,” expressing her reason.

In order to support the event, G.NA will be giving out personal signed CD and T-shirt to selected donaters.

A representative from Good Way With Us expressed, “We think that G.NA who has great attention and encouraged donation to those underprivileged will be a role model to fans in their teens” and “We hope that many people would participate in this project”

Meanwhile, G.NA has recently released her title song ‘Oops!’ on the 14th and is entering her 4 weeks of promotion.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MyDaily


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