[Newsen] G.NA reveals bruised knees… “Happy that MV came out well”

G.NA has reveal a picture showing her bruised knees.

On the 18th March, G.NA wrote on her twitter, “A picture taken during Oops music video filming set. The condition of my knees doesn’t seem good… Because of the choreography, my knees which have suffered a lot… Even then, the MV came out well, so I’m happy”, while attaching along a picture.

In the revealed picture, G.NA showed her blue-black knees while not forgetting her bright smile.

Neitzens who saw this commented, “G.NA’s bruised knees… wounds of passion”, “G.NA’s blue-black knees hurt my heart”, “G.NA working to perfect the music video, it’s really amazing”, and various reactions.

G.NA is currently having her comeback with title track ‘Oops!’.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen 


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