[G.NA Cafe] Finally my COMEBACK !♡♥♡

My love, G.NI’s!!
You guys have been well, right??! I’m so, so sorry for posting at such a late time ㅠㅠ

After changing my ID and password, it took me a while but I finally made a post!

You guys will understand, right?keke

Our G.NI’s haven’t forgotten about me, right?^^; I feel like this comeback was one where I was really excited, really worried, and thought a lot about..
To be honest, I was so excited at the thought of seeing you all again.. but on the other hand.. I kept worrying ‘What if they’re disappointed?’ and that’s all I could think about..ㅜㅜ

In my fourth mini album, “Beautiful Kisses,” I prepared a lot and I really hope you guys llisten to each and every song..^^
BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon helps increase the completeness of the stage and has been a big strength.. With our G.NI’s support and love, eussa! Eussa!* I’m pulling through!

Let’s all be strong, have fun, and have good results for this round of promotions!!!♥♡♥

In four hours, Inkigayo dry rehearsal go go go!♥ I hope we get to see each other there ke Since the pre-recording is at 11am, there’s probably a lot of G.NI’s who can’t go but… I hope that you’ll give me lots of support and love from home!♡

Well, I’m off to dream land, go go go!
Everyone… I’m always thankful.. and apologetic.. I love you!♡♥ OOPS!!♬♪
Please love me a lot!

I love you! Hwaiting~


~G.NA ♥ Gina ♡




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