[OSEN] ‘MCD’ M4M, Perfect Performance + Manly charms ‘Strong debut’

Group M4M has shown a great unlike-rookie stage, signifying the birth of a large-scaled rookie group.

M4M has debuted through Mnet ‘MCountdown’ on the 14th with ‘Sadness’, putting up a successful debut stage.

On this day, M4M wore red and black outfit. They showed off their intense charisma as they stood on their first stage. They did not show signs of tension, and presented a skillful stage, catching attention from the audience.

In particular, their strong performance and manly charms have attracted attention.

M4M is a 4-members group where each of them comes from countries such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They have undergone Cube Entertainment’s Incubating System for 1460 days and are set to be the next global idols.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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