[OSEN] ‘Comeback’ G.NA, Reveals ‘Lovely and Sexy’ charms in MV

G.NA has released the video for her song ‘Oops!’, and has revealed her lovely and sexy scenes on the bed.

G.NA has released  her new album ‘Beautiful Kisses’ on the 14th, and had revealed the MV of her title song at the same time through various online sites.

In the revealed MV, G.NA emancipated her lovely and sexy sides. In particular, her white one-piece and her bright smile attracted attention as it shows off her refreshing charms.

G.NA adds more to her charms as she shakes her hips in the new choreograph, not forgetting to uphold her sexiness.

Group member of BTOB, Jung IlHoon who has featured in the music video doubled the interest received with his strong yet at the same time cute younger man’s messages.

G.NA has successfully made a refreshing transformation with her beautiful vocals and unique dance in ‘Oops’ , as well as showing off a sweet yet cute charms in the song.

Meanwhile, G.NA will be making her debut stage on ‘MCountdown’ at 6PM today.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN 


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