[Wstar News] M4M’s Cube training system? ‘Emphasizes a lot on humanity education’

4-members Asia idol group M4M has expressed undergoing a hard incubating system in Cube Entertainment.

Jimmy, leader of the group, expressed on the 13th during their showcase, “There were dance and vocal classes every day. On every Tuesday, we will receive our evaluation” and, “Other than vocals and dance training, we had humanity education as well. In Cube, humanity education is really important. I’ve learnt a lot of how to cope and many more”, explaining the incubating system introduced by Cube Entertainment.

MC, BTOB’s Hyunsik added, “Although we didn’t complain much during our trainee days, we still received lots of stress during our weekly evaluation day”, he belatedly complained and expressed, “Don’t forget about sex education too”.

In fact, Cube Entertainment emphasizes more on humanity education rather than skills. Cube Entertainment president, Hong SeungSong expressed, “M4M members received Cube’s education system at a young age, I hope they’ve learned about their ‘humane personality'” and, “Future fans in a wider fanbase in the future will learn from the group, so I feel that they will take responsibility of what they do”, he asserted.

Other than this, the members expressed their hardships, “couldn’t communicate well in the language”, “they don’t use formalities when ages are couple years apart, but it’s important in Korea”, explaining that they once find it hard to adapt to Korea’s language and culture.

Meanwhile, M4M will be having their first debut stage on the 14th on Mnet ‘MCountdown’, and will start their China showcase in BeiJing after that.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Wstar News


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