[Asia KyungJae] ‘CUBE’s New Weapon’ M4M, Harmonization of Looks-Dance-Singing skills

Cube Entertainment that has groomed BEAST, 4minute, G.NA and many more K-Pop representative singers, is now set to target the global market with their new Korean-Chinese collaborative idol group. The lead characters are none other than the 4-members group M4M (Jimmy, Vinson, YuBin, Alen).

M4M is a group formed by 4 members that came from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They received secret training in Cube Entertainment’s incubating system for 1460 days.

Although Korea-China-Japanese hybrid idol groups are quite often seen in local broadcast industry, this is the first group that is made up of pure foreigners.

During M4M Showcase on the 13th March 3PM, the members presented their debut song ‘Sadness’ and expressed their aspiration for future activities.

On this day, M4M expressed, “Because of everyone’s love, we are able to stand on such stage. We would not forsake this anticipation. We will bring out our very own charismatic image”.

In particular, M4M’s 1460 days of effort was not wasted, as they performed an unrookie-like singing skills and choreography. Through their organized stage manner, it is predicted that this is a birth of a large-scale idol group.

Cube Entertainment Hong SeungSong president has predicted their success. He expressed about K-POP globalization and localization strategy, “I think that K-POP does not solely belong to us. But a music where larger Asia or even the whole world can feel it too. M4M’s aim is to be ‘Asia Star Worldstar’, in which it is Cube’s most important strategy. Because K-POP is an era shared by those all around the world, if they were to be success in Greater China, then they’ll received love from every part of the world,” showing his confidence.

He continued, “In our local system, the most emphasized part is to be ‘an artist that appeals to the public’, but it’s not only this for M4M’s debut in Greater China. We think of going global to receive attention from everywhere else. I believe we can do it”, he further explained.

M4M who has released their debut news in China a month ago, followed with their teasers, have attracted attention from many local fans.

M4M stands for ‘Mystical forMula’, which has the meaning for what it spells. The 4 members of M4M carry their own color and personality, therefore, having their own equations but still able to harmonize beautifully as a group.

Meanwhile, M4M will be organizing their debut ceremony in Korea and China in mid-March.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia KyungJae


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