[Xports News + MunHwa IlBo] Gayoon’s casual fashion wear + Hyorin chooses Hyuna and Gayoon for best bodies

Girl group 4minute’s Heo Gayoon’s casual fashion wear has become a topic.

Lately on an online community, a few pictures were attached along with the topic ‘Emerging winner for casual wear, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon!”.

In the few pictures revealed, it shows Heo Gayoon’s recent activities as the style editor for a magazine. In the picture, her casual fashion in music broadcast, drama shoot, airport fashion and more were seen.

Other than fashion magazines, Heo Gayoon’s unique fashion sense on cable broadcast have also gathered attention.

Meanwhile, Sistar19’s Hyorin has chosen herself as one of the Top 5 Best Idol Bodies.

When asked about who she thinks has a good body, she chose 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Hyuna, together with herself as the few of the Top 5.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MunHwa IlBo, Xports News


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