[Newsen] BTOB tries their hands on acting, to work with senior Yong JunHyung in ‘Monstar’

BTOB will be acting in ‘Monstar’.

BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk, Lee Changseob, Lim Hyunsik and Yook SungJae have confirmed their roles in music drama ‘Monstar’. ‘Monstar’ is a 12 episodes music drama that portrays lives of those in their teenagers who were hurt and grow as they heal themselves through music

BTOB will be acting as the members of Men in Black, together with same labelmate senior, Yong JunHyung. Men In Black will be a representative male group and Yong JunHyung acts as the main vocalist, Yoon SeolChan in the drama.

BTOB Lee MinHyuk and Lim Hyunsik had acting experience in ‘Living in CheongDamDong’ prior to their debut, while for Lee Changsub and Yook Sungjae, this will be their first acting challenge.

Meanwhile, ‘Monstar’ will be showing a passionate image of main characters fighting for their dreams, music and friendship.  The drama will be aired in April.

Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen



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