[Star Today] Jung HyungDon, ‘Controls’ Jung IlHoon with grapes

Gagman Jung HyungDon has control over BTOB member Jung IlHoon.

On the 6th March broadcast of ‘Weekly Idol’, Jung HyungDon threw grapes to him, hence, manipulate IlHoon’s movements.

Prior to the 60 seconds grape game, Jung HyungDon asked IlHoon, “If you won this game, what would you want from me?” and he quickly responded, “Of course (your) MC position”, as he successfully provoked Jung HyungDon.

Jung IlHoon faced his first opponent, Defcon. Defcon and Jung HyungDon created a bear and trainer atmosphere, while flaunting their perfect teamwork skills. In particular, Defcon who managed to catch and eat grapes thrown by Jung HyungDon further amazed everyone.

During Jung IlHoon’s turn, his nervous look was clearly seen. But Jung HyungDon who was standing beside him, was determined to save his MC position.

As the game starts, despite showing his support for IlHoon, Jung HyungDon threw grapes differently as when he does with Defcon. Aimlessly, he threw them everywhere, taking control over IlHoon’s actions. His committed look to catch the grapes reminisces of a training ground where IlHoon receives his training, causing laughter on set.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today


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