[OSEN] ‘Sexy Queen’ G.NA to comeback on March 14th…Flaunts bodyline

‘Sexy Queen’ G.NA will be making her comeback on the coming 14th with the release of her 4th mini album, 10 months after her last comeback.

On the afternoon of 4th March, Cube Entertainment has revealed her first jacket image for the album, signifying an exceptional transformation.

Including the title track, the album is made up by tracklist of the best quality and from a variety of genres, increasing anticipation from listeners. Her agency revealed, “G.NA’s album this time round will be moving towards a concept that fuses G.NA’s beautiful vocals with a lovable and sexy feminine image”.

Her new album image shows off G.NA’s alluring transformation in red short hair.

G.NA’s ‘I’ll back off so you live well’ has topped the charts since her debut days. She has then followed with ‘Black and White’, ‘Top Girl’, and ‘2HOT’, positioning herself as the ‘Sexy Diva’ who has all three qualities in terms of singing, visual and performance.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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