[Newsen] ‘IRIS 2’ Yoon Doojoon honestly reveals, “I’m embarrassed of my acting”

‘IRIS 2’ Yoon Doojoon has gave his own marks for his acting skills.

On the 3rd March broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Documentary 3 days’, the cast of drama ‘IRIS 2’ was revealed on set where actors and production crew interacts with each other.

In the drama, young NSS agents were seen going after the secret organization, IRIS. Among those young agents, was none other than BEAST member Yoon Doojoon.

The production crew asked Yoon Doojoon, “Did you watch the first broadcast last night? How was it?” and Yoon Doojoon replied, “I’ve watched that drama from the point of viewers, and it was interesting. Even though I knew how it will go, it’s still interesting,” he revealed while laughing brightly.

The production crew then further asked, “What do you think of your own acting?”. Idol-born actors are constantly swept up in the hot actor-dol debate. And because of that, Yoon Doojoon felt burden with his first drama challenge in ‘IRIS 2’. He replied with an awkward smile, “It was embarrassing”.

That being said, unlike Yoon Doojoon’s evaluation on his own acting, he has received comments for being successful in acting by others, as he portrays each action and emotional scene better than expected.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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