[News Way] Sunggyu sends video message to ideal type, Hyuna

Infinite group member, Sunggyu, has expressed his heart to Hyuna through a video message.

On the 27th February broadcast of ‘Radio Star’, Sunggyu appeared along as one of the special guests of the show.

On this day, MCs asked Sunggyu, “Your ideal types are Jeon JiHyun, SoYu, and Hyuna. So you like stars who are voluptuous and sexy?”, and Sunggyu replied, “It’s just that I like those with pale white skin”.

He then continued, “I talked about 4minute’s Hyuna a lot on air, so it seems like I really like her.”  and, “Hyuna sees me as a stalker fan. I wanted to explain to her that I’m not”, expressing his frustration.

MCs then suggested to Sunggyu to send a video message to Hyuna. Sunggyu started, “I… it’s not that I like…like you, but as a fan, I love…” causing laughter on set.

Having doubts over Sunggyu’s  actions, MCs asked, “What will you do if you get to meet Hyuna personally?.

He responded, “Since I have to think about my fans, I’ll secretly…no, nothing”. His uncontrollable sincere look for Hyuna made a sea of laughter.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: News Way


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